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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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storms that are popping up just to the west of baltimore. this little clusters that has dogged the area back into frederick county. be on the lookout for strong and severe thunderstorms moving in over the next five or six the worse. we are under a watched through 10:00. conditions are favorable for those of thunderstorms. more on the situation coming up. >> baltimore county crews working to pinpoint the exact cause of a fire that displaced well residents. >> it broke out this morning at the senate debate the apartment. -- seneca bay. some frightening moments for those people who live here. you can see the damage behind me. fire investigators and tell us that are still trying to come up with a cause of the fire. witnesses that we have spoken with state believe it or not, this may have to do with a cat chasing a mouse. they were coming out of the
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roof. 12 feet high. >> fire officials say it was around 3:40 friday morning when they got the 911 call that the senate debate apartments -- seneca pay apartments were on fire. >> plans were shooting out of the windows but it got bigger and bigger. everything was bright. it was like detente and the courts and the fire damaged 25 units, nine of which were destroyed. -- the fire damaged 25 units. >> i heard a lady screaming and hollering. i run down there and she is standing on the balcony. i told her to jump down. she did not listen so i ran around front and kicked the door in and told her to get out. when i kicked the door in, the things got bigger. >> officials said they are still investigating. one witness tells us that he
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heard a woman talking to fire investigators saying a cat was chasing a mouse and that is what caused the fire. >> a cat was chasing a mouse in the kitchen and somehow, oil was on the stove or something. she was cooking some greasy food at 3:00 in the morning. she blamed the mouse. >> it will be interesting to see a fire officials confirm that or not. some good news associated with this. fire officials say not only was nobody injured but everybody involved had renter's insurance. >> there is a buzz around hilltop as everybody makes preparations for preakness. our team coverage begins with date. >> the things look great and they are busy. they are ready to go.
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the maryland jockey club wants thedd some grandeeur to preakness. >> this in view of the finish line is what dignitaries from other countries will have. it will be the debut of the international pavilion. it climate controlled lechery can complete with leather seats, televisions and no weight wagering. the jockey club wants to make this a tradition with international sponsors. >> spain is going to sponsor a tapas bar. >> next door, finishing touches are being made to the under armor tent. sitting for 100 offers a spectacular view of the tent. -- of the field. this is the most important piece of equipment at pimlico. the starting gate does not get
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the once over, it gets the many times over. the tires are filled with fresh air. >> we put new batteries and make sure they're charged. the magnets are cleaned. the drop arms or oiled. >> the machine includes strategically placed flowers. there are thousands of them in every direction. you may be surprised where they will bloom. >> we decorated all of the restrooms and getting the tens ready. >> these guys cut acres of grass this way. the finishing touches include putting these things on a live in filled stage. close by, beachcombers are preparing the volleyball area. black-eyed susan. >> we have people working. >> a legendary track announcer
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has his voice warm up. >> welcome to pimlico. >> the consensus, we are ready. >> the horses are resting at pimlico before the second jewel of the triple crown. the trainers and owners are making last minute preparations. 11:00 news hasting coverage tonight. >> all 12 horses are here at pimlico. the last to arrive was schoolyard dreams. all week long, the contenders have had things go well. the trainers seem almost giddy. it is only todd pletcher who heads super saver who will have a chance to win the triple crown for the course on its own, it is
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a tremendous race. even at that were not involved, it is always exciting to see the derby winner running the preakness. everybody is hoping that is the horse that wins and carries you on to beaumont and gives you a chance at the triple crown. that is the most difficult thing to do in american racing. i think that is what makes the preakness so exciting. >> he has never saddled a preakness winner. two weeks ago, he never settled one that won the kentucky derby, either. >> just a reminder, race day is tomorrow. join us for coverage all day long. we will that started at 5:00 a.m.. race coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. >> we are now hearing more and
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more stories about students who are bullied by classmates at school. it is certainly an issue. members of the faith community are also concerned. >> local pastors will tell you that what happened at school should be a concern of the church, especially when it comes to bullying. a girl that was bullied helped to spark new debate over the issue. the city schools ceo says the district needs new programs to address bullying. he believes it is a community issue. that is what the local church is putting itself in a position to help out. a parent who lives in an east baltimore community could not agree more. but the church and the timidity, if we all get on the same accord, a lot can happen. >> she is not alone. >> churches should get involved.
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the larger question may be if the bully incident may lead to real change. >> there is a psychological cause and effect. there is also a spiritual cause and effect. the church should have some voice or did the church should have some voice in that. >> it is reflective of society today. it is my opinion that what we are seeing from our young people is really what adults are doing. >> education is designed to help adults and children. >> this is a critical issue. >> both church and community agree that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with beyond sunday morning. >> the city school's ceo says he wants to make sure bullying is addressed. >> police in baltimore county or
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remembering their fallen colleagues. >> it is a terrible injustice that these men and all those memorialized here who were so committed to others were taken from us so early in their own lives. ♪ >> time has not dimmed the heroism of their lives and the pain of their loss. ♪ [taps playing] >> to learn more on how you could help families of fallen
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heroes, we posted a link on our website. go to >> be sure to stay with us. >> harsh words from president obama for oil company executives. estimates on the size of the oil leak continue to grow. >> this year, a different market position for the fillies. >> is severe thunderstorm watch in effect. we will track of those storms and check out the previous forecast. -- preakness forecast.
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ex-president obama blasted oil executives today over what he calls a cozy relationship
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between the zero industry and federal regulators. >> this comes as the p.m. and that it experts all offer differing ideas about how much oil is flowing into the gulf. >> after meeting with the cabinet to discuss this bill, the president said he will not tolerate more irresponsibility and shifting the blame. >> president obama is making it clear that he is done with the finger pointing. >> i did not appreciate what i consider to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter. executives of bp and halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else. >> some scientists appointed estimates about how much oil is flowing in saying they are wrong. first, it was 1,000 barrels per day. then 5000. was there are now indications it
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could be 25,000, up to 75,000 barrels per day which would be an exxon valdez spill every four days. >> a university professor who specializes in fluid dynamics says it looks like more like to 80,000 barrels per day are flowing. >> for what it means is more real life is likely to be exposed to it. the oil may take a larger share. more animals exposed. >> officials say stopping the late has to be the priority. " this is the best scientific minds in the world working on this. the best engineers. i think we are doing everything we can. >> he says the company understands the frustration of the public. the president says the interior department should not be exempting oil companies from the required environmental impact studies before they get their permits to drill.
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>> york 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> strong and severe thunderstorms across the baltimore area. these will be sweeping down through the metro area and on to the eastern shores as the evening wears on. the storms have had a history of producing gusty winds and the dangerous lightning that is associated with them. one storm in northern virginia is approaching the d.c. area. the strong storms have been in pennsylvania. there have been tornado warnings issued. one of them is up there now tracking to the southeast at 33 miles per hour just southeast of millersville. it will head on to southeastern pennsylvania and missed most of maryland. another line of storms just west of there that could impact
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carroll and hartford counties. some strong storms headed our way. this line of storms is encountering some hume -- some warm air so that are not likely to fall apart and the next hour or so as they continue south and east. summerlike heat and humidity, upper 80's, august 90 at the inner harbor. it is still warm in baltimore. 87 downtown. those storms that are approaching have a lot of heat and humidity to work with over the next hour. it bit of a sea breeze at ocean city. hagerstown is quite warm. it is developing as a cold front tries to change this warm air mass. 40's and 50's during the afternoon to the north and west. a strong cold front approaching the pittsburgh area and tracking south and east. once that comes through, things will quiet down. in the meantime, severe
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thunderstorm watches cover the eastern shore. those red counties around allentown and eastern pennsylvania are under tornado warnings. a history of some rotation with some of these storms. we will monitor them closely until that cold front can get through. the timing will favor us. once the front goes by, we should have a beautiful weekend. the last line of storms comes out of pennsylvania around midnight and rapidly moves through. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies with lower humidity and clear skies anticipated. depot's time of the preakness should be nice. -- the post time of the preakness should be nice. if you are planning your day tomorrow, early arrival is 69 with some sun. 76 by 6:00 in the evening.
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64 in the mountains tomorrow if you are westbound. some storms tonight and it will clear out nicely tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. lower eastern shore, a little bit cooler. there is a small craft advisory on the day tomorrow. the 74 test, picture-perfect. 70's for highs. >> an event with 135 years of history, you find tradition at every turn. you did not have to wait for saturday. the friday before the preakness belongs to they please with the running of the black-eyed susan stakes. the nine-horse field and $175,000 purse. a scary moment when a jockey was tossed from his horse on the
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backstretch. course in jockey appear to be ok. one trainer is hoping that this turned into a brick is preview. acting happy wins this one. the boys take over tomorrow. triple crown hopes ride with super saver. the trader has never won a triple crown but they know it when tomorrow will suddenly put them one win away from a triple crown. it chance to go from 0 to history in a two-minute race. >> it is exciting for everybody whether you are a trainer or a groomer. you want to be around these kinds of horses and these types of events. it has been fun for everybody.
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>> with the cleveland cavaliers eliminated, lebron james becomes the biggest free agent in sports history. less than 24 hours after the cavaliers lost to the president obama commented that he would like to see him play for the chicago bulls. it is that big. he will not go out on his best game. he struggled with his jump shot in game 6 and struggled with turnovers in the losses to boston. arguably, from trying to do too much. that will not hurt his market value. new york 1 cent. cleveland won some. chicago wants him. he as a man with money coming after him. >> it is all about winning. i think the cavaliers are committed to doing that. at the same time, i have driven myself options -- given myself
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options. we have a game plan and we are going to execute and we will see where we will be added. >> the orioles resume their homestand tonight, weather permitting. they will come cleveland to town. this ended the mariners season -- series on an up note. they have not had many of those this year. the orioles to not play a first- place team again until june. a cy young showdown tonight at the guard. the cleveland starter still looking for his first digit in the win column. game time is 7:05.
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>> some heavy weather out there. >> storms and pg county with the
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possibility of stored the size of ping-pong balls. the storm should be out of here by midnight. breezy and less humid tomorrow. temperatures should be in the mid 70's for the practice tomorrow evening. picture perfect weather for saturday. not bad on sunday. the rain arrives with storms and monday, tuesday, wednesday. it beautiful preakness weekend. you owe me big time. >> yes, we do. >> we will talk on monday. >> we will see you tonight at
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